When I got back from Valley Ridge, I started getting ready for Art & Soul in Portland in October.  But before that, I went to spend a few days with my friend, Laura.   One day she took me to Poulsbo, then to Port Townsend–we stamped our brains out one day–and then, you know the drill–we shopped our way down to Portland–and did some more shopping at Collage set up in Embassy’s lobby.  Here’s some pics: 

  This is my room at the Doubletree–I did a Park Sleep & Fly, so they stuck me in the rooms in the back 40.  Nothing spectacular about the room–but they did have Neutrogena products and Wolfgang Puck coffee, and a chocolate chip cookie when I checked in.  I only make mention of this because, due to a mix-up with my accommodations in Portland I had the opportunity to stay at a Red Lion, and the difference in the 2 motels was stark!  The room was just awesome–high beds, attention to detail that just blew me away–especially how they had the towels done up in the bath–oh, and they had Bath & Body works products, and they weren’t stingy with them, either.  I will definitely stay with them again, if I get the opportunity!



This was at O’Hare, but no Marie Antionette sightings!let-the-eat-cake


bad-blanches-in-poulsboI had to take a picture of this–my mother’s name is Blanche!


4 Responses

  1. yay, you blogged!

  2. Yeah, I know, I’m a bit slacker! And forget about what I said about taking 2 days to get it caught up! But I will do more, I promise!

  3. hi Z… so good to see you at it again… how is winter treating you?

  4. Hey, Keli!

    Today, the weather is great! Notice I said ‘today!’ And trying to hit my stride after a bout of the flu. I am SO ready for spring–and I think it’s on it’s way–saw ducks heading north, and the birds were really chirping this morning!

    I’ll check out your blog to see what you’ve been up to!

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