I love paper!  I have always loved paper!  My love of paper became art when I did some quilling–I won’t say when, but a loooonnnngggg time ago!  Then crafts became huge, and I went that route for awhile, and loved it.  I had bought some rubber stamps here n there, but then one of my friends started urging me to take a look at her catalog.  I didn’t for awhile, but when I did, it was all over for me!  So I started making cards, because of all of the times that I’d go into Hallmark, spend an hour, and come out empty-handed.  Saw some beautiful cards, but the inside didn’t work for me.

Then quilting entered the picture.  Seems in addition to loving paper, I REALLY love color!  In reality, I have made a lot of quilt tops, don’t like finishing them off–just like making the tops.  Well–that’s where all the color is!  And quilting requires a different kind of energy.  I have finished a few! 

Fast forward, I found out about ATCs.  Huge addiction there!  But in addition to rubberstamping, I began adding other chatchkies, then I started making bigger stuff(did a couple of scrapbook pages, but I just cannot get into it!!!!!)

Fast forward again, I’m in Portland, at Collage, and Maria tells me about Art & Soul.  PHEW!  I went in October, and just had an awesome time!  Learned how to watercolor, had a class with Claudine Hellmuth, made a gypsy journal, did some drawing, and learned ways to make a card super-fast, made tin can pendants, acrylic painting with Ann Baldwin and another with Angela Cartwright(didn’t care for).  So I was in art heaven!  Met lots of super ladies both in class and during the swaps!  Oh, the swaps!!!!!  It was just so much fun!  Goin’ back this October, too!!!!!

So, let’s just say that I love it all!  I especially love artin’ where I get messy!

I hope you’ll enjoy coming to my site–but I gotta tell ya up front–my site will pertain to all the fun I’m havin’ artin’!  I’ll leave the philosophising to Plato and his crowd, and refrain large frequent posts about what I’m doin’ when I’m not artin’.

I’m all about havin’ fun……


2 Responses

  1. Darn, no philosophising! I thought for sure you were going to solve global warming or some other world crisis.

    That’s okay, I love to see your art. And don’t worry about all those unfinished quilts…save them in your will for your grandkids! I have a trunkfull of UFOs.

    Congrats, you blog is wonderful and so are you.


  2. Al Gore’s taken that one–but IF I were to pick a topic, right now it’d probably be puppy mills…….and I’ll stop there!

    My kids, grandkids, and great-grandkids will probably hold the world’s largest art GARAGE SALE!!!!! I think my daughter wants everything……she does beads–go figure……

    Thanks for liking my blog–aren’t you inspired to get your’s going? You could put all of YOUR kickin’ artwork out there for the world to see!


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