Just for Jade!

Well, Jade from the Charmsters group has asked to see what I have done on the Round Robin Necklace Swap, because she always sends to me.  So without further ado, here are some of the charms that I have made(in no particular order…)
Theme:  Who Are You?
I used a Barbie doll head to make the mask–we all wear them, hide behind them….
Theme:  Embrace Change

Theme: Embrace Change

 I used a permanent rod–the quote is something that my 8th grade English teacher, Oliver J. Muser, used to tell us, and also that even a permanent isn’t permanent.  Sage advice!

Theme:  Let Love In

Theme: Let Love In

 I rubberstamped both the heart with wings and the word, ‘Love’ on Shrinky Dink.  I cut a slice out of the heart to embed the word, letting love in…..

Theme:  Garden Architecture

Theme: Garden Architecture

 This is the back…..

Theme:  Garden Architecture

Theme: Garden Architecture

 and the front.  Denise also used a brass(I think)hand, so I knew I was on the right wave length.

Theme:  Togetherness

Theme: Togetherness

 I used a vintage photo of 2 women that is wrapped in a cocoon bead.

Theme:  Marie Antoinette

Theme: Marie Antoinette

This is my necklace!  I hope everyone is really blingin’ it up!!!!!

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  1. I didn’t know you were in the Charmsters group! Maybe you could wrangle me an invitation, huh, huh? 😉 Love these charms, especially the one using a permanent rod. That is just about the cleverest thing, ever!

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