Art & Soul, Portland, ’08

Art & Soul was amazing–again–and the first person I saw was Laurel!  We chatted for a bit and I headed for Collage to do a little shopping!  I know you think that that’s all that I do!  I stayed one night at the new ‘overflow’ hotel–I can’t think of the name of it right now.  Very modern–nice, but very modern.  I stayed the rest of the time with Kecia(of course!).

I had a pretty full schedule again.  I know I said I wasn’t going to do that, but I figure while I’m out there, I might as well be in a class–as long as it’s something I want to learn.

This year started off with Misty Mawn, ‘A Little Art of Remodeling Book’.  We used magazine pages and ‘remodeled’ them.  Fun class. 

Wed. night, Kecia, Pam and I had ‘Transfers and Transparencies’ with Diane Downs Lou.  Previously, we had found out why they call it ‘Happy Hour’, so we were pretty ‘happy’ to take this class.  Nothing new for me in the transfer area, and I had just begun to incorporate transparencies in some of my work, but saw how she takes it a step further.

Back with Misty Thurs/Fri for ‘Ulterior Motif’ Mural.  Since I am horrible at drawing/painting faces, I incorporated a face using the technique I learned the day before for my mural.  I was pretty happy with the way it turned out–still have a bit more to do to it, but a great class.  Got REAL messy!

I had planned to take a class from DJ Pettitt, but she had to cancel due to health reasons, and Kelly Rae Roberts stepped in with ‘Patchwork Collage’.  She’s a real sweetheart, and oh so helpful.  I want to do some more of her stuff!

Sun/Mon I had ‘Beautiful Paper’ with Anne Bagby.  The energy this woman has!!!!!  This class was really fun, and I got REALLY messy.  We used deli wrap and monoprinted with her big, honkin’ stamps that she carved herself(and some other ones, along with some stencils).  I came away with some AMAZING paper–not ready to use it yet–it’s really different!  If you ever get a chance to take this class, her supply list states that you need 4 bottles of craft paint.  Take more!  I ran out the first day!  And thank God for that cute little Christine Hendry, for thinking to ask Maria(Collage)if she carried any craft paint–and she did–and had it put on the shuttle for me!  She really saved the day!!!!!

Sun PM, I was with Denise in a class by Jessica Acosta, ‘Face Cabochons-Tricks & Techniques’, and she wasn’t just a-whistlin’ Dixie!  You would never believe how you start out making a face in clay.  No wonder I could never do it!hahahaha  Yep, this little lady had all the scoop!  Great teacher!

Then Tues/Wed, Kecia and I stayed over to take Judy Wilkenfeld’s, ‘Just in Case’.  Intense class, but she did a great job of breaking it down into manageable pieces!  I still have a lot to do on my book, but I can’t wait to see how it ends up!

Well, I’m exhausted just talking about it!  It was an awesome retreat, but I was just exhausted by the end of Tuesday.  And due to a mix-up with my lodging, I ended up staying the night at the Red Lion, just a bit down the road from the Embassy.  Wonderful people, wonderful room, wonderful restaurant.  I will definitely stay there again!

THEN, SWAPS & FATBOOK!!!!!  OMG!  Marian did a fab job with the Fatbooks.  Thanks, Marian!

Here’s the page I submitted:


If you lift the shell, there’s a poem from Inka Stamps:

A seashell is never empty–

It’s filled with many things.

It holds the sounds of crashing waves

and songs that mermaids sing.’

And here’s a pic of my Charmster’s swap:


I used a tag punch and punched tags out of green/blue pop cans.  Morphed collage sheet beauties with a mermaid rubber stamp, and Wah-Lah!  My charm for Charmsters!


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