Art & Soul Hampton Fatbook Swap

These are the pages that I submitted for this swap. There were 2 books, and they were AWESOME!Front pageBack page


Blog header trouble!

Well, I’m here, again!  I know, I’ve been MIA, but I went to Art & Soul in Hampton, VA!  I don’t know exactly what happens to me when I get home, but I go into major pitch mode, and give my house/studio a major overhauling.  But that’s a good thing!

I also had to get some swaps out–and will try to post pics.  I say ‘try’ because that brings me to my next time expenditure–blog header!

I found a site that has free ones, and have been trying to upload it–unsuccessfully.  I have an email into WordPress–this shouldn’t be that hard–and it doesn’t look so when I try to do it!

So that’s where I’ve been, and what I’ve been doing……