Text Charm Swap!

I mailed off my charms for this swap, but I gotta tell ya, this one is iffy!  Not real sure if I executed properly, so I have told Maureen if they don’t pass, don’t send them out.  So I will wait til I get her thoughts before posting a picture.  And were they ever hard to get–and do not really do them justice.  But oh, well.  Can you wait?


Happy Mother’s Day!

I had vowed not to use my blog for anything but art.  But then today when I fired up the thunderbird, the first thing I saw on my yahoo home page is how much a mother would earn if she were paid.

First of all, motherhood is not a JOB.  It is a gift–just ask the women who would–and do–just about anything to have a child.  Everything I do as a mother, I do out of pure, unselfish love.  It has to be, because if it were a job, I could have refused–or outsourced– the ones that involved cleaning up stuff that was loosed from bodily openings!  An old Arabic proverb says, ‘All sunshine makes a desert'(don’t quote me exactly, but you get the gist).  Yes, even motherhood has some less than beautiful moments.  A very small price, if you ask me.

And secondly, which follows next with a job is PAY.  Yes, it is all of a child’s ‘firsts’–words, steps, school, and on and on.  But I really earned my pay on the days and nights that I held my children and cried deep, gut-wrenching sobs over young love’s broken heart.  The jobs that are being priced are those everyday, day-to-day functions, and while very essential, to me are menial when I compare them to the resources that I have to access at those times.  You cannot put a dollar amount on that–even at psychologist/psychiatrist scale.  Don’t even try.

Thirdly, if it’s a job, then you have to have QUALIFICATIONS, besides biological.  This presents some problems on 2 levels–first, who is going to enforce it, and secondly, what about a person’s rights.  Government is too big and to inefficient–especially with something this important.  And if you’ve had any dealings with our criminal justice system, you know that the criminals have more rights than the victim.  And I’m going to stop here–you can follow my thread, however.

And lastly, since you have to have qualifications, you have to have some type of EDUCATION/EXPERIENCE.  The only schooling that I know(and correct me if I’m wrong,and yes, I know about carrying an egg around for 6 weeks, well, they’re trying…)is after the fact.  After an abuse/neglect conviction.  The only kind of experience you get is on-the-job-training, and there is nothing–not to mention any prior thought–to prepare for a child that is challenged.  And if any mention is made, you’re labeled negative.  Or worse–wishing that on them!  It’s brutal honesty, which is another perk of motherhood!

But, wait a minute!  If it’s a job, then a mother could get FIRED!  Or, and this is too big for me to wrap my mind around–QUIT!  And what kind of BONUS could you give your mother?  Yeah, you try to wrap your mind around that!

So, you see, motherhood just does not meet any of the parameters of a job.  Quit denigrating it by trying to put a price on it, because it is a priceless gift.  Oh, and Mother’s day is everyday.

Just for Aimslee!

One of the biggest craft storage dilemmas is how to store ribbon. I know it was for me. I had it in a huge box, and just kept adding ribbon to it, because I never looked at it because I had to drag the box out! So, needless to say, I had quite a collection.

I bought a tie rack at a thrift store–I didn’t really know what I was going to do with it when I bought it, but I got to thinkin’….and came up with the idea to use it for my ribbon AND dress up my studio at the same time.

Here’s what I did. I put up a hanger, and rigged the rack to hang from it. Then I took about 4-5 lengths of ribbon and put them on a safety pin, and pinned about 4-5 to one of the individual tie holders, and I did it by color. When that was all done, and it took a while, I hung it on the holder and pulled half to one side of the window and the other half to the other side and secured them. As luck would have it, I was at a garage sale and found this big honkin’ flower arrangement, which I thought would look great as a cover for the black box. And Wah-Lah!

Now when I need a piece of ribbon, I just go over to the window and cut me a piece off! I’m using a lot more ribbon in my art nowadays!!!! And I know what I have and don’t have. Win-win situation!!!!!

So, Aimslee(from my Gluebots yahoo group), here’s what I was trying to explain…..

And without further ado, here are pictures of it:

The black box!

The black box!

The whole shebang!

The whole shebang!

Just for Jade!

Well, Jade from the Charmsters group has asked to see what I have done on the Round Robin Necklace Swap, because she always sends to me.  So without further ado, here are some of the charms that I have made(in no particular order…)
Theme:  Who Are You?
I used a Barbie doll head to make the mask–we all wear them, hide behind them….
Theme:  Embrace Change

Theme: Embrace Change

 I used a permanent rod–the quote is something that my 8th grade English teacher, Oliver J. Muser, used to tell us, and also that even a permanent isn’t permanent.  Sage advice!

Theme:  Let Love In

Theme: Let Love In

 I rubberstamped both the heart with wings and the word, ‘Love’ on Shrinky Dink.  I cut a slice out of the heart to embed the word, letting love in…..

Theme:  Garden Architecture

Theme: Garden Architecture

 This is the back…..

Theme:  Garden Architecture

Theme: Garden Architecture

 and the front.  Denise also used a brass(I think)hand, so I knew I was on the right wave length.

Theme:  Togetherness

Theme: Togetherness

 I used a vintage photo of 2 women that is wrapped in a cocoon bead.

Theme:  Marie Antoinette

Theme: Marie Antoinette

This is my necklace!  I hope everyone is really blingin’ it up!!!!!