Boy, did I hit the MotherLode!

I went garage/yard saling a couple of weeks ago, and I came home with all of this! There weren’t any adds in the newspaper, so I just drove around and looked at what signs were posted. Then at the last one, I overheard 2 ladies saying that there was one at a church. Well, there’s a church down the street from me, and they have the awesomest sales. So I drove by, on the chance that it was them–and it was!!!!! The majority of items came from them.


3 Responses

  1. Wow, looks like you scored on some good loot at the Church Lady Garage Sale.

    You should use your picture and add one of the church lady stamps for an ATC!


  2. Oh, there you go with another great idea!!!!! Maybe I’ll make up some of them for pdx swaps!!!!! Hey, ANOTHER great idea! Girlfriend, we’re on a roll–no, a danish!

  3. nice haul, church lady! you got some good crap! and the prices at church sales are usually most excellent!

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