Well, I bit the bullet! I got a blog!

Now what do i do?

Please bear with me as I get situated.

The reason that I’ve procrastinated is that I couldn’t hone in on a name.  I thought about calling it ‘The White Cottage.’  Growing up, the ice cream stand was named that.  The man that ran it was a big guy, and his 2 middle fingers of his left hand were missing.  The thought of him being able to make such wonderful ice cream with 2 fingers missing–well, I wondered how good it would be if he had all 10!

He had a wife, and she hated The White Cottage.  When they got real busy, she’d come out and help–making mean eyes at everybody!  She had a mole on her cheek, and 1 big black hair coming out of it–you know–like witches have!  But then I thought, ‘She couldn’t be a witch, and have a husband that made such great ice cream–and with 2 fingers missing!’ 

This debate still rages!  Oh, and they had 1 son, who looked just like his dad.  So, for one night at least, she didn’t make mean eyes….

Then I wanted to call it ‘The reCycle Shoppe’, because I like repurposing things.  But that’s not all that I do, so that just didn’t seem to fit.  So, for now, but not for long, the banner up there will be Oohzhulia’s Weblog.

Well, that’s enough for right now–this is giving me a headache, which I got from thinkin’ so much, AND reading the terms of service–ICK!




8 Responses

  1. Welcome to the land of blog! Congratualate yourself, you are now a true technie!

    I love your first post, but need some pics of you, your art and your pooches.

    What does BFN stand for….?

    Waiting for the next post!

    Love ya,

  2. L, Thanks for the welcome! And I like that–you NEED pics of me, art, and Pooches. I’ll get back to ya on that!

    BFN, I thought, meant ‘bye for now.’ I could be wrong! I’m still in a learning curve! If it means something else, LMK.

  3. hey you, congratulations! that’s great that you’ve started a blog. you have plenty of time to fluff it up, add pictures, etc. you’re still learning your way, so take your time. you can always change the name later if you think of something different . like the ice cream story. the wife sounds like she woudl have scared the be-jesus out of me! love ya,

  4. Welcome to the blogiverse, Z!

  5. Hey Silly Girl,

    Where are you??? Have fun in Hampton and don’t buy anything I wouldn’t buy!


  6. Hi Zhulia…

    It was GREAT meeting you at Art & Soul Hampton. I enjoyed our conversations both coming and going in the airport.

    I hope your trip home was safe and uneventful. I hope you will decide to come to Portland.

    Tracie Lyn Huskamp

  7. Zhulia,
    Loved spending time with you at A&S. You are so creative! Hope you’re able to get some rest in before your next artful adventure.

  8. Hi Z –
    I started at the top and read every word. I love your blog – I want one so badly, but am very short on nerve. I did a couple button fairy swaps – I love them. Take care friend, and keep blogging. I’ll be back. Gluey wishes,

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